Life Insurance


There are two types of life insurance:

Permanent and Temporary.  

Many people rent life insurance because they think it is cheaper.  In-fact, if you purchase the wrong type of term insurance for the wrong reasons, it is the most expensive life insurance you will buy in your lifetime.  And it will likely not be there for your family when they need it the most. 

Permanent life insurance will last your whole life regardless how long you live.  Your family will never worry about finances.  Permanent life insurance provides guarantees that you will want.  Permanent life insurance also provides living benefits in the event you don’t need the death benefit in your younger years. 

Life insurance can be used as a long-term-care option or it may be used as a retirement supplement that provides tax-free income.  You can enjoy the market growth with no market losses.

Life insurance is a “volatility buffer” to off-set taxes in retirement or to provide retirement income in the event the market falls when you need the money most. 

Self-proclaimed financial professionals like Dave Ramsey provide false and dangerous financial advise when he tells people to cancel their life insurance policies.  He is like a doctor who you call on the radio and he/she gives you a diagnosis without an examination. 

If Dave Ramsey had an insurance license today, he would be penalized by the Department of Insurance and loose his license.  He would also be subject to law suits for giving bad advise.  

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