If life insurance would save your family after you are gone?  How much would you give them?

My grandmother was fourteen years old when her father, suddenly died. He was perfectly healthy and a devoted husband and father. He was her hero.

Michael Flynn, was a police Sergeant at San Francisco Police Department in the early 1920’s. He did not have life insurance.

After her father’s death, my grandmother, went to work teaching piano to help support her mother. They invited strangers into their home to rent rooms so she could pay the mortgage.

As a police officer, I went to many calls where a father suddenly died. Too many times, I saw the mess left behind by those who did not properly plan for their families. So many men have told me they don’t need life insurance because their wife will just get re-married. The truth is: many widows don’t get remarried.

One young father was laying next to his young daughter. He never woke up. I was there when his wife and children had to move out of their house and live with family.

I was there when a 21 year old woman was struck by a car and killed. I brought her back to life. I felt her heart begin to pound in her chest and saw her gasp for breath. She later died in the hospital from her injuries. She didn’t plan that, neither did her family.

One father, I know today, has four children. His wife does not work. She never worked outside the home. He told me that if he dies early, he plans for his wife to only have a couple years of income.

That is all he thinks she will need. Then he told me she would have to make some life changes and move in with family to finish raising their children.

I couldn’t believe my ears. He was serious!

I wonder what she would say? I am tempted to ask her.

Nobody wants to die. However, we all know everyone will die some day. No one knows when but, everyone knows they will.

Why do so many people refuse to take the time to plan and properly protect their family?

Ok, well, how much life insurance should you have?

Well, I have as much life insurance that the insurance companies will allow me to have. My first wife, the mother of my five amazing children, will not have to work for many years. She will have no financial needs. All my children will be able to go to college or start their lives without depending on family or the government for financial support. They will be able to continue to be raised in the house they know as home.

My current wife, will have enough money to be comfortable for many years whether she works or not.

Please don’t let your families suffer, at your hands, in the event of an unexpected life event.

Please prepare your family properly. Today!

Talk to your life insurance agent today. You can contact me or click on the link below and see for yourself what it would cost to protect your family. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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