About Us


Time Savers Insurance Services has been a part of the Sacramento area communities since 2013. 

TSI is a full service organization that helps clients discover the best way to legally, morally and ethically reduce their tax bills utilizing a specific area of tax codes in the Internal Revenue Code. 

TSI has a team of highly knowledgeable tax experts including Certified Financial Planners, High-level tax attorneys and CPA’s who coordinate with a client’s current advisors to examine all viable possibilities to reduce business and personal taxes more than most people think possible. 

We do not intend or desire to have our specialists replace your advisers.  We simply work with your advisers to educate them on other tax laws they don’t normally use.  Your CPA is likely aware of the strategies we employ but, these laws are not within most CPA’s preferred specialty.  Each advisor develops a specialty.  Not every adviser can know everything about all of the thousands of IRS laws.  This is fine, this is why there are specialists like us to help advisers help their clients in ways they prefer not to go.  This way, you can keep your advisers, they are able to help you and you build more trust in your adviser knowing that he/she is willing to go out of their “comfort-zone” to help put you into a better financial position.  

There are so many different variables and strategies available to help you or your business save taxes, it is hard to list them all.  Here is a list of a few:  FLP, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, IDGT, Land Trust, LIRP, CRT and much more. 

Every client’s circumstances is unique and deserves a custom strategy to fit their goals and objectives.   

As an example to how we think, watch our video about the history of the 401k. This will give you an idea as to how taxes can affect everyone during their later years.  Once you learn to focus on how taxes will affect you in your later years, it will be more clear that tax planning is paramount to financial success.  You will then seek for options that help you preserve your wealth for later years and reduce your tax bill today and in the future. 



 What We Do

Additional to tax planning, Time Savers Insurance Services believes in systems and processes that create wealth through strategies and solid financial rules followed by the financial institutions. 

We help clients organize their financial world, and show them how to win the game of money.  Everyone plays the game of money but, very few know the rules of the game. 

Each financial decision you make should have a purpose.  Video We have a unique financial simulator that makes us stand out from the others.  We help you make financial decisions with purpose and avoid all the sales hype from celebrities trying to sell you the products that pay them the highest commissions.

We help you examine each move before you make it to see how that move affects your complete financial model. 

We show clients how to discover Truth about money. 

Seminars coming soon

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