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About Michael Coltharp

Hello, since 1998, I owned and operated successful small businesses in the community.  When I was younger, I earned my Eagle Scout award which is the highest honor awarded by the Boy Scouts Of America.  I gave back to my community by volunteering as a leader for the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts groups for over 13 years where I trained many young boys to be responsible self-reliant and dependable men.  

I served over 18 years as a police officer where I was a C.S.I. Investigator and Traffic Investigator.  I was awarded life saving awards from The City of Citrus Heights, Son’s of The American Revolution and a community service award from ASIS International.

I spent many years saving lives and protecting those who could not protect themselves.  Ever since 2013, I have been saving financial lives.  With continuous intense training study and guidance from highly skilled and specialized advisers, I help clients create wealth preservation strategies that ensure their plans are self-completing and do not fail.  I have the pleasure of learning from the Best-Of-The-Best in the unique specialty of wealth and tax preservation. 

If I am not licensed to provide the solution you require, I have a team of experienced professionals who are available at every step in the process to make sure you have the wealth of experience and knowledge my team brings to the table. 

The key to my success is the process by which I teach my clients to make decisions. This process of studying the positioning and movement of their money eliminates sales hype and allows for every financial decision to be based on verifiable facts.  This process is not geared toward any specific product or company.  One of the principles is to have maximum protection for their family and for their assets. Every Move Matters! 

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We believe our clients work hard for every dollar they earn and they deserve to spend their money in any way they want.  We don’t believe in shaming our clients who have spent their lifetime working hard to build or create their wealth.  We do not believe in the often flaunted term by radio personalities “Need or Greed.”  We believe that needs restrict our clients ability to keep their wealth in their later years.  Our clients are kind and generous with their money and know that helping others is just the right thing to do.  It is not a shame to want to use and enjoy as much or all of their wealth if they wish and leave a legacy to their family.  

What We Do

Time Savers Insurance Services believes in systems.  Systems of organization.  We help clients organize their financial world, and show them how to win the game of money.  Everyone plays the game of money but, very few know the rules of the game. 

Each financial decision you make should have a purpose.  Video We have a unique financial simulator that makes us stand out from the others.  We help you make financial decisions with purpose and avoid all the sales hype from celebrities trying to sell you the products that pay them the highest commissions. We help you examine each move before you make it to see how that move affects your complete financial model. 

We show clients how to discover Truth about money. 

Seminars coming soon

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